Representing inventors, designers, artists, and corporations owning products and intellectual properties; Sherman & Blank can negotiate key terms for licensing, marketing, distribution, and manufacturing. We help refine products to maximize earning potential and consumer appeal, and maintain cost effective production through third party design and manufacturing resources.

We use our extensive industry knowledge to professionally evaluate your product in its present form for presentation to manufacturers.

We determine optimal modifications, additions, improvements and further steps to ensure a successful review. We have relationships with professional craftsmen, artists, copywriters, illustrators, photographers and engineers to help present your product in its best light.

We have strategic relations with top executives of many major domestic and international companies for new concept presentations. We match the best products with the right company.

We use our vast negotiating experience and knowledge to facilitate a solid agreement for all parties. We evaluate your products to help select companies that could best distribute your products within specific territories.

We negotiate and follow through on all details relating to licensing and distribution (i.e. design, packaging, international labeling, etc.)

We guide clients through all phases of the development and marketing of the licensed products